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Micro-Grant program provides funding to organizations that implement manufacturing initiatives that enhance all 12 Indiana Economic Development regions. Impact to over 34,000 youth (K-12), post-secondary students, and incumbent workforce across Indiana.

Indiana 12 Economic Growth Regions (EGR)

Ranging from $1,000 - $2,000, the Micro-Grants are designed to support innovation and encourage organizations to dedicate funds towards development and program implementation that impact industry awareness.

Distribution of Micro-Grants awarded in a given Economic Growth Region.

IN-MaC Micro-Grant data by County

Statistics for the number of Micro-Grants awarded in each EGR.

Statistics for Indiana
Region Mean :
Region Median :
Region Mode :
Percent micro-Grants awarded in each region

Information about the organization that was awarded a Micro-Grant.

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Comparison of the Micro-Grants awarded by IN-MaC in various counties spread in different regions over the entire state of Indiana.

Micro-Grants awarded across all 92 counties
Scatterplot graph

The scatterplot shows the amount requested for the Micro-Grant by various organizations and their student impact goal.

Who can apply?
Micro-Grant funds are open to:

  • Education (K-16)
  • Industry
  • Community partners

Organization name

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