Indiana Pre K12 Education data

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The following dataset provides information on all the Pre K-12 institutes located in the state of Indiana. It also provides information on the contact person and the website of the institute.

Indiana 12 Economic Growth Regions (EGR)

Distribution of pre k-12 institutes in a specific Economic Growth Region. The number of pre k-12 institutes in a specific county can be compared with others lying in the same EGR.

Indiana Pre K12 Institutions by County

Information about the pre k-12 institutes and the contact information of the important personnel.

Statistics for the number of pre k-12 institutes present in each Economic Growth Region.

Statistics for Indiana
Region Mean :
Region Median :
Region Mode :
Percent Pre K12 institutes in each region
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Comparison of the total pre k-12 institutes in various counties spread in different regions over the entire state of Indiana.

Pre K12 institutes across all 92 counties