Indiana Adult and workforce data

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The following dataset provides information on all the workforce and employment related institutes located in the state of Indiana. It also provides information on the contact person and the website of the institute.

Indiana 12 Economic Growth Regions (EGR)

Distribution of employment and workforce related organizations in a specific EGR. The number of such organizations in a specific county can be compared with others lying in the same region.

Indiana Adult and Workforce organizations by County

Information about the workforce and employemnt website and the contact information of the important personnel.

Statistics for the number of adult and workforce organizations present in each Economic Growth Region.

Statistics for Indiana
Region Mean :
Region Median :
Region Mode :
Percent Adult and Workforce organizations in each region
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Comparison of the total adult and workforce employment institutes in various counties spread in different regions over the entire state of Indiana.

Adult and Workforce organizations across all 92 counties