IN-MaC Impact across Indiana data

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Overview: IN-MaC creates a stronger, more competitive manufacturing ecosystem for Indiana and the nation. IN-MaC does so by mobilizing its resources, expertise and network to strengthen the relationship between workforce education, innovation, smart manufacturing, and research to elevate Indiana as the manufacturing destination.

IN-MaC Ecosystem: IN-MaC ecosystem connects workforce education activities across the state of Indiana. The essence of a workforce education ecosystem is to establish collaboration that allows each entity to interact successfully. Ecosystems come alive by connecting all the elements that are working in the same space. Creating intersections to facilitate industry, education, ideas, and resources.

Ecosystem: The ecosystems allows for a fast flow of information and resources to help those within workforce education and industry to quickly identify like work and developing strategy focused on workforce education. Highlight and sharing a vested interest in workforce education and industry across the state of Indiana. An approach to support meaningful change for disconnected entities. An ecosystem for educators, students, industry, and communities to create meaningful learning experiences and partnerships.

IN-MaC impact across Indiana

Distribution of IN-MaC Impact across a given Economic Growth Region.

IN-MaC Impact across Indiana by County

IN-MaC Impact across the state of Indiana through its constant involvement in activities related to education and workforce development.

TA: Technology Adoption activities.
E & WD: Education and Workforce Development activities.

Statistics for the overall impact in the state of Indiana.

Statistics for Indiana
Region Mean :
Region Median :
Region Mode :

The percent distribution of the IN-MaC's impact over Indiana's 12 EGR.

Percent IN-MaC Impact in each region

Comparison of the impact of IN-MaC in various counties spread in different regions over the entire state of Indiana.

IN-MaC Impact across all 92 counties